Thursday, September 16, 2010

The seasons are definitely changing and even though our young family doesn't "go back to school" I'm definitely feeling fall in the air. The trees are changing, the furnace is churning, my hands are knitting. I've got a big list of "to do's" for the Holiday season and I'm happily chugging along, not really worried about getting them all done, because they are in order of who will appreciate them the most. Josh and Jameson are done, Mom is almost done minus one graft, John & Zhenya are done, Pearl is OTN. There are so many fun things to knit but these are mostly simple little gifts as I don't think GIFTMAS is the "reason for the season". I've been doing a lot of thinking about the holidays; traditions, beliefs, and the like.

As I don't believe in God, I'd like to honor the passing of time and seasons by celebrating the earth and universal energies. So, my plan is to start celebrating the stops on the Wheel of the Year, starting with Fall Equinox? or maybe Samhain/Halloween. I'd like to start with at least one thing for each of the significant days in the Wheel of the Year.

Halloween we'll carve pumpkins and put candles in them. I think jameson will enjoy the guts and the knife (yes, I have a safety knife). My plan is to keep up this tradition year after year. Winter Solstice I'd like to do a candlelit dinner and maybe make some Ice Luminaries.... well, maybe not the luminaries this year, but we'll see, definitely the candlelit dinner.

We'll do J's bday at the Dells, hopefully with his cousins. He'll be getting some elmo and other gifts from us, but we don't really expect any from anyone else. I might attempt some creativity and do a dirt cake this year... maybe in a sand bucket? or dump truck? I'm not really into the "themed" parties and all that crap so we'll have a few gifts, cake and candles. I might get him a new Birthday Boy tee as his probably won't fit this year. I always want him to feel special on his birthday (and every day) but I don't want him to have unrealistic expectations like his mother does.

We will be celebrating Giftmas this year with the Wisconsin family. I'm sure we'll do the typical Christmas Eve with Mom & Dad at their house and read the "christmas story" and exchange gifts. I'm hoping mine will be all handmade (I've got to get knitting!). Then we'll head to Lakeland Manor for the big family get together. The only person I'll be making something for is Grandma Flora (Yikes, she's not in my queue!). Everyone else we'll just enjoy their company: eat, drink, and be merry!

I'd like to get J a new set of Pajamas for Christmas Eve and then he'll have gifts from Santa when he wakes in the morning (train set from Garage Sale) and a stocking full of little gifts and maybe some treats.

Other traditions I'd like to keep going: Christmas Cut out Cookie making with Mom & Dad a few days before Christmas, a Christmas tree either in or outside the house, (fill in the blank).