Friday, July 22, 2011

Is it really July?!

I cannot believe its been over 10 weeks since I last posted! I'd like to say I'm sorry, but really, who's listening? I've been keeping notes on things I would like to discuss so this will be lengthy to make up for the lack of venting.

For starters, my last weekend was the most
memorable in a long time as I was asked to be a gaymaid for some friends' wedding. It was
probably the most sentimental event I have ever been involved in and it was a true honor and privilege. The wedding was like a fairytale come true which was fitting for their "happily ever after" theme and we even got to visit DC cupcakes, jealous? They asked me months ago to be involved, but I haven't done much since I'm so far away, so it was great to be out there early to help prepare (cupcake tree). Everyone looked beautiful and I was able to catch up with old friends and make some new ones; I know, you're surprised i was social, but I WAS! So, thanks to e, t, and Trudy who did my very-last-minute alterations.

Prior to the wedding our big news is that we are selling our house in Shell Lake. Our goal when we bought our house was to live there for five years and then sell it and move on, either to a new location or to build in the country. So, June 1st was five years and Josh contacted a local realtor to inquire about putting our house up for sale. We were basically told we needed to do quite a bit of work and then it 'may' sell but not to count on it. Conveniently a friend of mine was looking for a house and decided our house was teh one for her! So, we had about 2 1/2 weeks to pack up and move back to my parent's where we'll be until we build next spring! Although everyone involved decided moving SUCKS, it was a good feeling to sort through all the stuff and start thinking about building! Before we left, all my flowers were blooming so I caught some pictures.

As you can see there hasn't been a lot of down time with getting settled back at home. Lilj has been talking more and more. He stopped calling me Mama and now calls me Mommy. It seems like some sort of milestone, like he's not a baby anymore. He has also become a lot more social and will walk up and talk to any stranger, especially kids. He calls all kids "my guys" or the "boys". He really loves to play with other kids. Papa & Lollie spoil him rotten and even got him a pony! His name is Peanut and he's a red roan--adorable! Lilj sat on his back today on the saddle, they are both getting used to each other gradually. We've enjoyed swimming out at Leesome Lake where Mom & Dad have their camper parked, it so refreshing after these hot days. Lilj is getting used to the water more and more every day and LOVES to play in the sand with his shovel or his tractors.

Moving back to my parent's and thinking about building a house has brought up a lot of feelings. We considered buying a house, but I really don't see anything I like on the market. I don't want just any house... I want THE house! I want a house that reflects our family and our beliefs. Therefore, I'm back to the alternative buildings that I studied ten years ago. I'm seriously considering a straw bale house, with post & beam skeleton. They just seem so warm and cozy which is so important in Wisconsin (although you wouldn't have known it this week). We've agreed on NO basement, concrete floors stained and stamped with infloor heat, 1 1/2 levels. However, that's about all we've decided on. BigJ honestly doesn't care as long as he has a place to cook, a place to sleep, and a bathroom. His main concern is building a shop so we've been tossing around ideas on that as well. Its all a lot of decisions and it seems so final, like we need to make these decisions and live with them FOREVER. I'm not sure how true that is, but it feels that way.

For now, I'm really enjoying living with Mom & Dad again. I think the rest of the world is on to something when they live with multiple generations. Why do we see it as successful to move away from our elders? Why do people see it as a failure if you make your home with multiple generations under one roof? Is America the only country where this is frowned upon? Its so nice to always have someone else around to talk to and to share meals and responsibilities. I'm not sure I want to build when I think of it that way, whats the point of building another big house, just across the way? I'm sure BigJ feels differently as they aren't HIS parents.

On to knitting, its been slow to say the least, with so much going on. I just finished my first Giftmas sock for Mom, she tried it on and it fit like a, well, like a sock. I have 2 1/2 more pairs of socks to knit before the Big day so I've got to get knitting as there are a few birthdays and such in between there. I'm also SUPER excited to be starting a knitalong August 1st by Mr. Stephen West an awesome designer. The way a knitalong works, you are emailed a pattern segment every week and knit on that along with lots of others until the next instruction is delivered. I've picked some really bright obnoxious yarn for this project so it will be a great time! I also enjoyed a trip to StevenBe Yarn Garage and Workshop. This was probably the most exciting yarn shop I've ever been in. I think Steven said he had over 1900 yarns. Its an old firehouse which also is dear to my heart! I picked a gorgeous skein of Three Irish Girls Glenhaven fingering in the Peacock special edition colorway which is EXACTLY the colors of a peacock feather and happens to be EXACTLY what I was looking for when I bought my shawl yarn for my birthday... oh well, a little too late, but I've got a shawl picked out and it will be delightful!

Shawls you ask, why are you suddenly making shawls? Well, I must confess, I thought they were a bunch of mularkey as well until I tried it. You know, "don't knock it until you've tried it." But the nice thing is that you can take a shawl anywhere (they wad up nicely), they take the chill off from AC or a breeze or Wisconsin in general, they dress up any plainjane outfit; they also use up sock yarn when you're looking for something else to do with one or two skeins. The best way I've had it explained is that they are the towel that they speak of in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. So, I knit one and yup, all of it is true... and I'll knit another and another and another. I don't know why I always try to buck the system when "everyone is doing it" its probably for a reason, duh!

Since I haven't been knitting so much I must have an excuse and I do. Its the Game of Thrones by George RR Martin and its mesmerizing. I'm actually on the fourth book and its more than I have read since before lilj was born. This is a fantasy series and I would recommend it to anyone into knights, swords, dragons, magic and the like! They have also made an HBO series from the books and I can't wait to watch that when it becomes available. I have really come to embrace my love for sci-fi and fantasy even though Bigj hates it... oh well. I'm hoping to get back to watching Dr. Who this winter but for now... it the Game!

Now the most painful subject or subjects, food and exercise. I've gained back some of the weight I loss and now need to buckle down again. Its totally the sweets that get me everytime. Its like I have the knowledge that i feel better when I eat better and exercise regularly, but i just can't make myself do it... C'mon Lea! So, here's to hoping I can pull it together and get back to a normal exercise routine and eating less sweets.