Friday, February 18, 2011

The weigh loss battle: Think Thin

We are doing "Biggest Loser" at the hospital where I work so I've been thinking a lot about weight loss, dieting, and a healthy lifestyle. I've come to realize that "thinking thin" is really hard work, but do thin people put that much thought into it?

Mom and I made a trip to the cities this week for her HeartScan and I was amazed at the constant BARAGE of junk food... McDonald's was even in the hospital lobby! How do they expect people to chose a healthy lifestyle when you have to work so hard to make healthy choices? I guess when they are standing at the counter they can pick the apple slices over the Big Mac, Large Fries, and Large Coke, but who is really going to do that when you can see the mouth-watering pictures? If we really want to turn the health of our country around why not make it easy? Why not have a bowl of fruit in the waiting room instead of a vending machine or fast food restaurant.

It seems like every decision I make these days is healthy vs. yummy...

Yesterday I was eating lunch at work, trying hard to fully chew each mouthful with my fork at rest instead of shoveling it in between call lights like usual, when I came to the realization that savoring every bite of an Iceberg lettuce salad with no salad dressing is just not fulfilling. If it were dark chocolate or strawberries or a Big Mac... perhaps.

Why is it that way? Is it my wiring? or the defeatist way our culture is wired to be fat?

All I know is that its going to be a long road to thindom... if I ever get there... and I can't say its going to be enjoyable. No wonder America is so fat.

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  1. Didn't you know that McDonald's offers healthy choices?! lol...I'm with you in solidarity. My mom and I talk about fat issues about once a month. The conversation always comes back to will power or lack of as the ultimate factor in weight gain or loss. It's good to be honest that we really like fatty foods. But we don't have to succomb to over indulgence. The trick is to enjoy a little fat without binging.

    And to do that is tricky, but not impossible. I believe that many of us have been 'trained' to overeat fat, probably since we were babies for what ever reasons. So, don't starve the beast, just keep it in check.

    Next time you're eating iceberg lettuce, put a little dressing on it.One Tsp of dressing usually amounts to 30 -70 calories. :-)