Thursday, March 10, 2011

Disappointment in the shadow of success

Things are still going well with the biggest loser contest. I've officially lost about 16 pounds and unofficially, since I started trying to loose after Christmas, I've lost about 20 all told. The funny thing is that I know that things are going ok in terms of losing weight but there are two major disappointments I've encountered.
  1. I can tell that I've lost weight in most areas of my body: boobs, back, belly, thighs (I sound like a chicken at the butcher) but there is just more FAT where that came from. I keep picturing those jello-mold fat samples jiggling about on my love handles and thinking jeez, I have dropped 20 of those things, how many more are there? Lots, lets just leave it at that. Will there ever really be a time when there isn't? Do skinny people still have flab? Well, I will never know the answer to that as I'll never be "skinny" but I thought I'd ask!
  2. I got my "skinnier" jeans on today that haven't been buttonable since last summer. Now, even then they weren't exactly wearable but thats another story. The problem: they look awful, they are totally not flattering in the least. Bummer!

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