Thursday, September 22, 2011

The reason for the season

Summer is coming to an end, mornings and nights are cooler, trees are changing colors, and Halloween decorations are in the stores! I love the changing of the seasons and I really love the holidays it brings: Halloween, Leaves, Thanksgiving, Snow, Solstice, New Year's.  I get excited just typing them! The thing about holidays is that I'm not sure why I love them so.  Its not the material part/buying stuff, its not trick or treating, but it is decorating and celebrating with friends and family.  I can't wait to take Jameson to the pumpkin patch for his third year or dress him up in a costume he hates... again!  I'm even debating hosting a Halloween party for the neighborhood and our friends.  Children definitely take the holidays to a new level as you get to share your beliefs and family culture with them, but they also bring out the child in us all.  Happy Fall to you all and a Happy early Halloween!

Fiber-wise, September was a big month: Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival! I enjoyed a great day with my Aunt talking sheep and yarn and fiber.  I mentioned that we were interested in getting some wool-breed sheep when we move again and get settled.  Coincidentally my Uncle picked up a flock that weekend!  By next spring we'll be set to have our own sheep!  In that spirit, I bought some Shetland fleece and a drop spindle to try (again) at spinning yarn. This is a pretty low investment ($30) and I can learn at my own pace.  I also picked up some fabulous yarn from Sun Valley Farms its a single-ply in dark purple for a winter shawl for myself.  One of the other things I wanted to try is knitting from stretched silk cocoons so I bought enough for a lovely pair of mittens.  Silk is purportedly warmer than wool, we'll see!  I haven't made a lot of progress on my giftmas knitting... bigJ's socks are huge and taking forever, probably because I'm begrudging knitting them! I have a self-imposed rule that i can't knit for myself until after my holiday knitting is done and there is plenty still to knit--Aggghhh!

You may have noticed my eluding to settling again and yes, there is an end in site!  BigJ and I have pondered and pondered and decided that building just isn't necessary, so we'll be renting with the intention of buying.  The place is actually my great-grandparents' original farm and is only about 1 mile up the hill from my parents.  Its a 20 acre piece with a home that we both really like.  We can't wait to move in October 1st!  There are outbuildings galore and pastures for horses, sheep, cattle or whatever we decide to have.  So, wish us luck on another move.  We plan to live pretty simply and enjoy a peaceful farm in the country.

Disclaimer: I apologize that i don't have any pictures to share but I've lost my camera... bummer!

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