Thursday, October 20, 2011

There is no excuse...

For those of you who aren't aware I'm not a petite person.  Recently, at a professional inservice I overheard another nurse speaking to a friend and coworker; she was talking about going to an inservice on Obesity in Pregnancy and said she was interested in learning about it because, "there is just no excuse for obesity." For some reason that comment stuck with me and it has been my mantra for the last week.  Every time I daydream of chocolate or lazying on the couch I tell myself, "Lea, there is no excuse for obesity." I'll never be thin but I work on it almost daily.  And I hope someday that lady has to work as hard on it as some of us obese.

It has been a busy couple of weeks driving all over Northern WI and MN for nursing inservices and training: Breastfeeding, Wound Care, Trauma Nursing. We are such well-rounded nurses here in Shell Lake! I am glad they are all over and I can stick around home for a couple of weeks.

As I've been cramming for my Trauma Nursing class I haven't allowed myself any knitting time but I am close to finished with lilj's Birthday sweater.  He even tried it on last week, and it fits!
I cast on BigJ's second sock so hopefully it will be done before Solstice or his birthday. He is a size 13 so on little tiny needles and little tiny yarn it takes FOREVER.  I hope he enjoys and cherishes these socks for many many years; yeah right!

On the home front: BigJ has been looking at other houses as it seems with the economy now days you can buy a lot more 'house' than building it. We're still thinking about building, but looking while we think about it.  

Newsflash: I found my camera, apparently I had asked my cousin to hold on to it while we were playing in Bayfield and she forgot to tell me she still had it. yippee! I feel so much better knowing I didn't loose it and I don't have to replace it.  It came home with about 120 pictures that she and her kids had taken that needed to be promptly deleted and my fun pics remained.

Fall is definitely here, we've had frost and rain, no snow yet.  Mom and I took lilj to the pumpkin patch, he just wanted to roll them all around.
We also took a daytrip to Bayfield and Madeline Island and *gasp* started Geocaching.  BigJ had not been to Madeline Island so it was fun exploring together. I though geocaching was really cool. It was like a scavenger hunt, although I couldn't find anything without BigJ and he just rolled his eyes and laughed at me. Fall is beautiful in WI.

I finally finished A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin and I'm really relieved since Game of Thrones is all I have been reading for months.  Now I'm listening to Dracula and Sleepy Hollow on CraftLit.  Gotta love the fall and Halloween Holiday reading... oooohhh spooooky!

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