Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gay Maid

I realize that two posts in one day is a little over the top, but I have to share this news. I have only ever been in one wedding before my own, my bestie cousin Hana. I guess that is a flaw in the "few-friends" lifestyle I lead. No, I've never had to buy a creepy satin gown that I'll never wear again. Most likely this is because I am the girl who tells it like it is and not necessarily the girl you want with you when you turn bridezilla on the world. Not saying I would leave you at the altar if you, say, stuffed used kleenex in my cleavage, because I totally wouldn't/didn't.

So, imagine my surprise today when I got a phone call (we talk on the phone on average once a year in the last 12 years we've known each other) from my friend E. Imagine my immense super-duper surprise when she asked me to be her Gay Maid! First of all kudos to whomever coined that term, it is right up there with Best Women which is what I called my girls. Second of all, joy of all joys A WEDDING! I think my life may just be complete now that I can add Gay Maid to my resume. The story just kept getting better as E explained that the only place they could find the dresses they liked was in NYC. Oh boo hoo!! and Double-Yeah for this girl!

Well folks, it is on! I am going to be the most stunning, tell it like it is, Gay Maid you have seen yet! Diet and exercise will be my companions until the fateful day July 16th when I will stand at the side of my friend and mentor E.

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