Sunday, May 30, 2010

I worked today. I work again tomorrow, three days in a row. Doesn' t sound like much to most people, but three 12 hour days back to back adds up. Especially when a little boy doesn't sleep through the night.

BigJ has been working a lot on his race car. It seems like such a time-suck to me, but I know he LOVES it. I just have trouble understanding how he can spend so much time on something when every week it just fails again and again. Last night the belt blew. Tonight, rained out. I wish he would put that much time and effort into our house & family.

I'm almost done with J's sweater! I'm going to wait to weave it in until June 1st so it counts for my 52 in 52. Do you think that's cheating? I don't, I need all the help I can get :) Next up: coffee cozy then Luke & Lindsay's baby sweater. Tiny size and adorable pale pink yarn! I hope it knits up quickly so I don't get annoyed with it! This vest knit up so quickly I want to do EVERYTHING on bulky! Unfortunately only two other things in my queue are bulky: Hoodwink and Bella's Mittens. The rest is mostly worsted, which isn't as bad as fingering!

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