Thursday, May 27, 2010

So, my dreams of quickly owning a relatively cheap Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel are dashed. *cry* the listing on Craigslist sold. So, I guess I will have to be patient and do like everyone (who spins) says and try out multiple models before I pick, "the one". Sounds like finding a husband! I'll keep checking Craigslist and maybe can find a good steal. Ha...There is a store in Roberts that does a two-day spinning workshop, so I'd love to do that, although as my mom says, Sally could just do her own two-day workshop with me. I would really like to try out other wheels... we'll see. I had a few leads to check out on my facebook post re: spinning connections.

On an upnote, I stopped at a garage sale on my 3 block walk home from work and found lil'J a trainset! They are bigger than the little wooden ones, but I think it will be nice in the basement when that gets put back together.

Will and BigJ put the Egress windows in last night so finally a little progress. J needs to paint another coat of DryLock Extreme and then we'll call Rob, the floor guy. We've decided to only finish the "finished" portion of the basement's flooring, about 2/3. That way, I won't be concerned about wrecking the new floor when we're throwing wood in or there is laundry or washing water flooding! We're also not going to texturize the walls so we don't have to worry about ruining that either. we'll just paint and hang stuff on the walls to camouflage it :)

Knitting: a few more rows done on the back of lil'J's bulky vest, I can't wait for it to be done, so far its adorable. I'm just too tired after work to work on it.

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